Q. If I contact you how long is the wait? 

A. I work a "real job" with regular hours. My dream is to someday focus only on designing prop sets. I try my hardest to provide excellent customer service. However, due to my schedule it could take 3-4 days for me to respond. 

Q. What are printables?

A. Printables are letter (8.5 x 11) sized pdf images that you print at home or at your local printer. My printables come as multipage pdfs that print out as a book. Or you can choose which pages of props you would like to print.

Q. What are photo booth props

A. Photo Booth props are accessories that can be used to make picture taking fun and unique.

Q. What does Editable Text mean?

A. After purchase you will get a link to download a .zip file of individual .pdf files and free font/s. You will first install the font/s. Next you will open the .pdf you would like to add custom text to in Word. You can then add a text box over the props and write whatever you desire in the font. Change the size, placement and the colors to whatever you prefer and then print. It's super easy!

Q. Am I really getting a quality set for $5.00?

A. Absolutely! I have been a graphic designer for over 8 years and understand graphics and printing. All my props have been lovingly drawn in 300 dpi to ensure the highest print quality. I choose to sell most of my sets for $4.99 each with my customers in mind. It will take paper, ink, glue and time to make these fun props and I understand that all adds up in costs.

Q. What format do Photo Booth Props come in?

A. Each Photo Booth Prop set comes as a Zipped PDF. You will need to be able to unzip the file and view the PDF/s there are many software options to do this. Some are even free. 

Q. How big are the props?

A. The props come on 8.5 x 11 pages. They range in size. Please go to my freebies page at www.amandakeyt.com/freebies and download complimentary prop pages to get a better idea of sizing per prop type. 

Q. Do you offer customization?

A. I no longer offer customization. However, most sets now have a second set you can purchase with blank props that you can customize yourself.

Q. What if I can't open a zip file?

A. There are many software options to open and extract a zip file. Some are even free. 

Q. What happens if I open the pdf file and it is blank?

A. The PDF files inside the zipped file are pretty big about 20mb each and can take a bit to download. Please check your download screen/folder to see if the files are still downloading before thinking the files are blank. I have sold thousands of files and none of them have ever been delivered blank. 


Q. I noticed my link is expired and I still need to download the file. What do I do?

A. Easy just email me your order# and I will refresh the download. Email me at amandak@amandakeyt.com 

Q. Can I print at a local printer?

A. It is very important to note that Copyright Restrictions on the Inspired Characters only permit graphics to be used for one time personal use such as birthday parties. Not all photo labs are aware of this policy and if you have issues with a photo lab refusing to print for you, please try another local photo lab or print at home yourself. 

Q. How many copies of the props can I print?

A. As many as you like! Just please NO SHARING FILES with friends instead send them to www.amandakeyt.com/shop where they can purchase their favorite sets.

Q. Can I pay via PayPal?

A. Yes you can. Just email me at amandak@amandakeyt.com and let me know which sets you would like to purchase. I will email you a PayPal money request. After payment is received, I will email you the PDFs. Usually the Pdfs come in a zip file when your order on my site. Due to the large size of the zip files, I will not be able to email them to you. Instead, I will email you the PDF files individually in multiple emails. Depending on the sets purchased there could be as many as 5 separate emails per set with multi-page PDFs attached.

Q. Do I make the props myself?

A. Yes, you are purchasing the pdf images in a zip file. You will still need to print, cut and glue to sticks. These files/props are meant to be a fun and easy DIY craft project.

Q. What Supplies do I need to use the Photo Booth Props?

A. You will need cardstock paper and a color printer, scissors, glue and sticks.

Q. How do I print the Photo Booth Props?

A. Print the props on heavy cardstock paper using a colored printer.
     Notes:   All pages are designed to print on 8.5x11 paper size. 
                  Print preview before printing.
                  Due to printer/computer differences you may need to
                  select the “fit to page” option before printing so no cropping occurs.
                  Actual colors may vary due to printer/computer differences.

Q. How do I cut the Photo Booth Props?

A. Cut around the edges of each prop using scissors or an X-acto knife. You may prefer an X-acto knife for small in between cuts on some props. 

Q. I have a Silhouette or a Cricut. Do your files work with my machine?

A. Possibly. The files come in multipage PDFS. So you may need additional software to view/print/cut the PDFs. All my files are available as jpegs as well. Just email me at amandak@amandakeyt.com to request jpgs. There may be an extra wait time to receive the files as I have to be at my desk to send them. Also, there is an extra fee for my time.

Q. How do I assemble the props?

A. Flip your prop over so that it is face down. Put a dollop of hot glue or other craft glue where you would like the stick to go. Usually the sticks go along the right or left edge. Then place a stick. Flip the prop back over to ensure the stick is straight and is not sticking out the top. Let it dry.

Q. We used the props and had a great time! Can I share the photos on your site?

A. I would love to see your prop fun! You are welcome to email pictures to me at amandak@amandakeyt.com 

Q. Are these props copy written?

♥All Props, images, designs and files are copyright AmandaKeyt Designs 2014-15 and should not be distributed, shared, forwarded or altered in any way.

♥ Images are designed by me and inspired by actual characters. 

♥ All copyrights and trademarks of the character images used as inspiration belong to their respective owners and are not being sold. This item is not a licensed product and I do not claim ownership over any trademarked or copyrighted characters used as inspiration in my designs. This listing is for the time/effort used to design and personalize your item.

♥ It is very important to note that Copyright Restrictions on the Inspired Characters only permit graphics to be used for one time personal use such as birthday parties. Not all photo labs are aware of this policy and if you have issues with a photo lab refusing to print for you, please try another local photo lab or print at home yourself.