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Hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by my site and taking time to read my story! I have been married for over 15 years. Our three children have been my inspiration and bring me joy every day!

I am a certified Wedding Planner who has found a passion in being creative through graphic design. I have been a graphic designer for over eleven years and originally started designing for close friends and family and have since, created logos and marketing materials for both large and small businesses.

In 2012, I branched out into Web Design and  found a new creative outlet in designing web sites. I have gained a wealth of knowledge in business marketing and branding. 

Starting in 2014, I launched my Printable Photobooth Props. I have created an inexpensive and easy way to have fun at any special event! My themes are created with l-o-v-e  and there are many designs to choose from. My motto is Enjoy Life! Which is easy to do by taking pictures and making memories with these fun and colorful props!!